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Countertop Manufacturers

Q: What is the difference between Caesarstone, Silestone and Cambria?

A: These are all quartz countertop products. They are all made very similarly and have the same quality features, they are simply different brands of quartz. CAESARSTONE: headquartered in Israel, calls itself "the original quartz surface manufacturer”. It is known for pushing the design envelope by incorporating semi-precious stones such as agate, dumortierite, tiger's eye and petrified wood. SILESTONE: Based in Algeria, Spain, is the flagship quartz brand of Italian company Cosentino, and is known for its vibrant, solid colours. CAMBRIA: The only American company in the quartz surfaces business, offers the widest range of designs, colours, edges, and slab sizes. At Silverwood Kitchens, we only promote these three brands of quartz because they are the best quartz manufacturers globally and provide us with the best service and support.

Countertop examples form 3 manufacturers: Caesarstone, Silerstone and Cambria
Countertop Manufacturers

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