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Our Process

SILVERWOOD KITCHEN & BATH INC. is the destination for your next kitchen or bath design and renovation. Our sales staff will combine their kitchen and bath design expertise, with their interior design expertise, to ensure your room is designed to suit your dreams and be functional at the same time.

We are here to make your home renovation process less stressful, minimizing how many different stores you have to visit and assist you in making all your selections with the guidance of an experienced Interior Designer that specializes in kitchen and bath design, at no charge.

We also design and renovate entertainment areas, closets, laundry rooms and any other areas Around the House requiring cabinetry.

Our Process

Step One


We always start the design process with an in-home consultation that will allow us to properly provide you with a preliminary design and quote, at no charge.


During the initial consultation, we will consult on the design aspect of your space. We will take some measurements of the room and ask you questions, making a list of all your wishes and current dislikes of the room which will allow us to provide you with ideas for the best design possible.

If you are constructing a new home, you will provide us with blueprints and we will conduct the initial consultation in our showroom.

Step Two


Your Silverwood Design Consultant will present you with a design option(s) along with an estimate for each option. At this stage, you will be able to ask any questions or make any desired changes during the presentation.

Additionally, you will choose all your product selections or narrow them down. Silverwood has hundreds of door and colour samples to choose from. All of your selections will be made with the guidance of our Design Consultant. This step can often entail more than one visit to our showroom. 

We understand how big these decisions are to make, so we are here to assist you, every step of the way. Our Design Consultants are great at what they do – you can rely on their expertise!

Step Three


Once you have made all your changes and selections, your  Design Consultant will prepare your final layout and estimate for your review.

Your time is very valuable, our highly skilled Design Consultants will assist you with further selections during this visit and after to assist you with all the decisions to create your vision for your home.


Upon your review and acceptance, you will sign the estimate and make a deposit.

Step Four


Upon receiving sign-off and deposit, the products will be ordered and you will be provided with an installation date and time. During the installation process, Silverwood will ensure your home project is treated with the utmost respect and finished to the last detail.

Once the installation is complete, your Design Consultant will conduct a walk through with you and any post-install service issues will be scheduled at this time.

Step Five


Once your new kitchen or renovation is complete, you can sit back and relax with friends and family for many years to come.

Note: We always ask for permission to use photographs of your project on our website and social media pages and most importantly, we will ask you for an online review. 

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