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Countertop Colours to Match your Cabinetry

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Although we still see a lot of white and light grey colour selections in cabinets, we also are now seeing more introductions of light greys, blues and warm earth tone wood stains. When it comes to picking a countertop to compliment your cabinet colour we can offer these tips:


Countertops with white or off-white backgrounds work well with almost any colour of cabinets. White countertops will make space look larger, so they are a great selection for a smaller space. We offer a wide range of patterns in white to best suit your style.


Beige and cream coloured countertops will make your kitchen feel warm and cosy compared to white and grey countertops. The pattern and fleck colours in these countertops will be chosen based on how they work with your cabinet colour.


If you prefer the richness of natural and rugged earth options – darker countertops offer many patterns in quartz and granite to achieve this look. These countertops tend to be a little busier, but paired with the right backsplash become a standout centrepiece.


Black countertops can make a very bold statement. When using a black countertop you can either do a solid black countertop or select quartz that uses both white and black blended together. When incorporating black into your design we suggest keeping the design simple.


If you enjoy tone on tone designs, we have lots of cabinet and countertop selections that will give your kitchen a cohesive and adaptable style. This style of a simplistic, monochromatic look allows other accents in the kitchen to stand out. Incorporating colourful paint, appliances, backsplashes, decorative dishes allows them to shine in your kitchen.

Come visit us at our showrooms so we can show you how to combine the right colour, pattern or tone in your countertop with the right cabinet style and colour so you can achieve that look you've always wanted.

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