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Bulkheads – What Can I Do?

Q: Can I remove my bulkhead?

A: Bulkheads are installed for a few reasons - mainly as a way to house a mechanical service or installed by a home builder as a decorative (or not so decorative) reason. In most cases, bulkheads can be removed and replaced by taller upper cabinets and a crown moulding that goes to the ceiling. We first have to open up the bulkhead to see if there are any services inside of it. If this is the case we can either, make arrangements to have these services re-routed or determine if there’s enough space for the existing services to fit and be covered by the crown moulding that will run to the ceiling. If the bulk head is empty, then we can easily remove the bulkhead and install new taller cabinets and increase the amount of storage space.

Comparison of a kitchen with bulkheads vs a kitchen without.
What can you do with Kitchen Bulkheads?


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